Two-way conversion of Lawrence Street in Eugene complete

(Image via City of Eugene)

EUGENE, Ore. -- Traffic is flowing in both directions on Lawrence Street between west 7th and 13th avenues, Eugene officials said Tuesday.

City staff Monday finalized the conversion of this stretch of Lawrence Street with the intent of making the road safer.

"Changing Lawrence to a two-way street is consistent with Vision Zero, the goal of eliminating all traffic-related deaths or serious injuries," the City said in a news release.

Officials say the the conversion has the following advantages:

• Reduces out of direction travel and provides greater connectivity of the street grid.

• Eliminates the double threat to people crossing Lawrence Street, improving safety for people who walk. (The double threat being the case in which one car stops but a second traveling in the same direction in a different lane does not)

• Eliminates south bound vehicle weaving between lanes on Lawrence Street.

• Eliminates the double left turn from Lawrence to West 13th Avenue which conflicts with people crossing 13th Avenue at this location.

Officials are urging people to use caution when driving and crossing the newly converted section of Lawrence Street as people get used to the changes.

As part of the process for the project, the City sought feedback on the proposed changes from affected residents, property owners and businesses, neighborhood associations and other interested parties.

They said people showed strong community support for the project.

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