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The three best smartphone apps to help distracted drivers

Use these apps to keep your eyes on the road.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately nine people are killed and over 1,000 more are injured in accidents involving a distracted driver every day in the United States. Distracted driving can be anything that takes your eyes, or your mind, off of the road. Eating, applying makeup, or fiddling with the radio are all instances of distracted driving. However, with the rise of dependency on cell phones, texting, and driving, or scrolling and driving, is becoming more and more of a contributing factor to hazardous distracted driving accidents.

One strategy to keep your eyes on the road and off your phone is to keep your mobile device tucked away and out of sight while driving. However, considering that most drivers now use their smartphones for navigation and audiotainment, that's not always an option. Luckily, there are some apps on the market now that can help prevent you (or your teen) from the urge to read that email or respond to that text message while behind the wheel. Check out these apps to prevent distracted driving if you're in need of some extra protection from your smartphone, and all the beeps and notifications that come with it:


LifeSaver blocks cell phone usage while driving, ensuring that you will not be distracted by incoming texts and other notifications. It does allow hands-free calls and use of navigation and music apps, if activated before you start moving. Additionally, you can get rewards like iTunes credit for logging safe driving behaviors. Download it to limit your own distracted driving habits, or to monitor someone else's cell phone usage while behind the wheel, like loved ones or employees.

2. Mojo

This free app incentivizes safe driving by tracking your trips, then giving you a Mojo score based on your swiping, typing, and talking activity. For every minute that you drive without touching your phone, you'll score one point. Earn 300 points, and you can win a $5 gift card to Amazon, Starbucks, or Dunkin Donuts. Mojo is also a social app, which encourages safe driving competition amongst friends who are using it.

3. Cellcontrol

Cellcontrol was designed for business owners who have to manage a fleet of vehicles, in order to reduce the risk of distracted driving accidents amongst employees. A device called a Drive Tag is installed in all of your company cars, which then connects with an app on your drivers' phones, thereby disabling incoming calls, texts, and other features such as the camera, email, and Google while the vehicle is in motion. Furthermore, administrators receive a notification if the device is removed or disabled, so you can rest assured that your fleet is protected from distracted driving.

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