Oregon ranked 18th for state with worst drivers


Does it feel like drivers are particularly bad in Oregon?

Well, we're not the worst--but we're far from the best.

According to a new study from auto insurance site QuoteWizard, Oregon ranks as no. 18 in the list of states with the worst drivers.

Apparently the stereotype is true, because California is no. 1, followed by Minnesota and Utah.

And the states with the best drivers? Mississippi, Florida and Rhode Island.

The study also found that Americans are driving more than ever before, causing more car crashes.

Another factor is distracted driving. According to the study, an estimated 666,000 people per day use an electronic device while driving.

Distracted driving: It seems that drivers can't help but text and tweet while behind the wheel. An estimated 660,000 people per day use an electronic device while driving, and nearly 3,500 people died due to distracted driving in 2015.

To view the full list of rankings, head here.