Oregon speed limits among slowest in the nation

Vehicles travel on Interstate 84 in Portland{ }

If you are a transplant to Oregon, here’s something that you may have noticed about driving conditions in this state: They’re some of slowest in the country. Your behind-the-wheel observations are backed up by research.

According to a 2016 study published by that compared maximum allowable speeds in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, Oregon is the 7th slowest in average top speed.

Here are the top 10 slowest states, and their average top allowable speed according to researchers:

1. Alaska, 55 mph

2. Vermont, 57 mph

3. Rhode Island, 58 mph

4. New York, 58 mph

5. Hawaii, 58 mph

6. Delaware, 58 mph

7. Oregon, 62 mph

8. Connecticut, 62 mph

9. Indiana, 62 mph

10. New Jersey, 62 mph

Texas zoomed to the top of the speediest state list with average allowable speeds of 78 mph across its rural and urban interstates and other limited access roads. Texas also has the top speed limit in the country at 85 mph. Cars going that fast on the freeway might make some people nervous, but slow drivers are dangerous in their own way.

Andrea Bill, a research program manager with the traffic operations and safety laboratory at the University of Wisconsin—Madison, told KATU low speed limits can be dangerous if many drivers do not obey them and travel at speeds that vary widely.

“If everybody’s basically traveling the same speed there’s less chance of a crash happening between two vehicles," Bill said.