Oregon and Washington extend studded tire removal deadline due to inclement weather

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Studded tires - KVAL photo{ }

PORTLAND, Ore. – With the recent threat of late season snow, the Washington Department of Transportation and Oregon Department of Transportation decided to delay the studded tire removal deadline to April 15, 2018.

The new deadline is a two-week extension from the usual March 31 deadline.

State laws allow the departments of transportation to extend their deadlines into April if current or predicted conditions could make for difficult travel.

This year’s decision to extend the deadline was based on forecasts that show the potential for snow that could impact travel across the states into April.

The last time the deadline was extended in Oregon and Washington was in 2012.

All studded tires must now be removed no later than the end of the day Sunday, April 15. Anyone driving with studded tires after that date could receive a $136 traffic infraction in Washington. In Oregon, violators can be charged with a Class C traffic violation.