Family Uses Tragedy to Bring Awareness to Distracted Driving

Family Uses Tragedy to Bring Awareness to Distracted Driving

NACHES, Wash.- The temptation to reach for your phone is always there in the car.

However, that split second to send that text or check that Snapchat could end someone else's life on the road.

Sharon Horn has started a distracted driving awareness page on Facebook to bring attention to the possible dangers.

"My dad is an amazing man and we were robbed of that because somebody else thought that something else was more important," she said.

That something else took the driver's eyes off the road and took the life of Sharon Horn's father this past November.

A normal day turned into a family's worst nightmare in a matter of seconds.

John Rains was on Highway 12 waiting to make a left turn to go home, but before he could make that turn he was in a car accident that would end his life.

The impact was so severe that the car went airborne, took out some of the neighbors mailboxes and then fell into a ditch on the other side of the road.

Carol Rains, John Rains' widow, said that shouldn't have happened to anyone doing all the right things while driving.

"If your car is not working correctly, pull over to the side of the highway. If you had to take a phone call, pull over to the side of the highway. If you need to get into your glove box, you pull over to the side of the highway," she said.

Rains said that she can no longer go into the bedroom that they shared and is looking to move out of the house that she has so many memories in.

"It's just to hard to go past the accident scene everyday. When I have to look to the left to see if it is clear, I see right where my husbands car was and that instantly flashes in my mind."

Horn got the devastating call at work and collapsed when she got the news, but now she's working to turn this travesty into a lesson to save other family's from having to go through this.

She hopes her father's story can make a difference with distracted driving.

"If you are not watching the road you are risking taking somebody's husband, somebody's dad, somebody's grandpa and it's not okay."

The Facebook page that she started post different articles that provide evidence to show how dangerous distracted driving is.

She also has posted the pictures of what her father's car looked like after the accident in hopes to keep people from taking their eyes off the road.