Driver crashes in construction trench along Table Rock Road

0518 construction zone.PNG
(Courtesy: Jackson County Roads)

Earlier this week, a pickup truck did not follow the proper construction zone signs and crashed into a trench where contractors were working along Table Rock Road.

Jackson County Roads director John Vial says the driver tried to take a shortcut through the construction and did not see the trench.

Contractors were working in the trench at the time, but fortunately nobody was hurt in the crash.

Vial takes this as an opportunity to remind drivers to pay attention to the construction signals.

"The public is at great risk when you don't follow those traffic control devices," Vial said. "They can be hurt, injured, or killed in a workzone, as well. More of the public are injured in our work zones than our workers."

The crash occurred in the middle of the Table Rock Road construction near Costco.

Nobody was injured in the incident, but the driver was cited.

The crash did not slow down construction at all.