Survivor of work zone crash that killed coworker makes plea for drivers to slow down

stucky cap.jpg
Construction worker Preston Stucky talks Wednesday about the crash that killed his co-worker Pablo Dominguez-Amezcua the day before. (KATU Photo)

One of the three construction workers hit by a suspected DUII driver was back at home Wednesday night. He said he wants drivers to slow down in construction zones after he lost a friend in Tuesday afternoon's crash, which happened in a work zone on Southeast 122nd in Happy Valley.

"We were just prepping. Then we heard one of the flaggers basically yell, 'Stop! stop! stop!'" said 26-year-old Preston Stucky, while standing on crutches in his Cornelius home.

"By the time we looked back, the car already had hit the flagger, and we tried to move out of the way, and I moved out of the way and Pablo wasn’t so lucky," he said with tears in his eyes.

Pablo Dominguez-Amezcua, 48, was hit and killed by that vehicle which continued through the construction site before overturning in a nearby ditch.

"Great guy, great worker. Always had a smile on every time you showed up to work," Stucky said. "He was always ready to be there, and he was always ahead of the plan. I was always trying to keep up with him. Really good guy. It’s really sad to lose him."

Stucky and Dominguez-Amezcua were working on a waterline project for Sunrise Water Authority at the time of the crash.

Also hit by that vehicle was 62-year-old William Griffin of Happy Valley, a flagger who may have saved lives by shouting out as the vehicle approached.

"If I didn’t hear that I don’t think I would have turned around at all to see the car coming," Stucky said.

Fedsot Tsopko, 51, of Portland had to be extricated from that vehicle before being arrested. He appeared in Clackamas County Court Thursday, facing several charges, including manslaughter and DUII.

Now, after a tragic loss, Stucky hopes more drivers will take more caution around construction zones.

"People don’t pay attention, people always on their phones, people not paying attention to the flaggers, when they tell them to stop, they keep going. I just want people to know you guys need to slow down. We’re regular people too, we go to work, we have families, too. Pablo has a family too," said Stucky.

The family of Dominguez-Amezcua has set up a GoFundMe account to help with funeral costs, and Sunrise Water Authority has arranged a donation fund on behalf of the family at all Wells Fargo bank branches under the name Sunrise Water Donations.