'TrackTown' the movie premieres to a sold-out crowd

Former University of Oregon runner Alexi Pappas directed and starred in a feature film shot in Eugene. The movie debuted Tuesday. (SBG photo)

EUGENE, Ore. - A former Duck, Olympian, and filmmaker is excelling on the track and in the film industry. Alexi Pappas is a long distance runner who qualified for the Olympics and will represent Greece. She also made a film about going to the Olympics.

The movie "TrackTown" premiered at the McDonald Theatre in Eugene Tuesday night. All 700 tickets sold out.

The producers shot the entire film in Eugene and it took three years to make.

Pappas collaborated with her partner and co-director Jeremy Teicher. He says the special screening of the movie was scheduled to coincide with the Olympic trials.

"It's sort of a once in a lifetime type of moment because it only happens here in Eugene every four years. So we'll be watching this fictional film that's about the Olympic trials in Eugene during the real life Olympic trials in Eugene; it's really special screening," he said.

The movie is about an elite athlete played by Pappas. It gives an in-depth look at what it's like to train for the Olympics.

"As a female runner, it's really nice to have a character to relate to and who's kind of going through a lot of emotions that I have experienced throughout my life. It's really inspiring," said Elsa Karpasitis who attended the premiere.

"I've been in running for twenty years, so it's a nice eye-opener to kind of let others see what happens on the inside of professional running and things like that. So I thought the film was really great," said Aurelia Yoblonski who also watched the movie.

Pappas could not make it to the premiere because she is currently competing in the European Championships.

This is her second feature film, but it's her first time directing and acting.

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