TrackTown and cannabis: 2016 Olympic trials first since voters legalized marijuana

"The legalization of cannabis here in Oregon is definitely big news for folks who don't live here."

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EUGENE, Ore. - The USA Track and Field Olympic Trials July 1 to July 10 are expected to be an economic boost for the Eugene area.

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And now that recreational marijuana is legal in Oregon, some members of local cannabis industry expect to experience that economic impact for the first time.

The owners of "The Greener Side" in Eugene said they are pumped about TrackTown.

Dispensary owner Joseph Hopkins said a lot of people from across the country will be in Eugene.

Legal marijuana is going to be a new experience for some visitors.

"The legalization of cannabis here in Oregon is definitely big news for folks who don't live here," Hopkins said.

Business will be good, Hopkins predicts - and he wants to use the event to inform the public.

"More people that we can inform about cannabis and the proper way, the better for the cannabis industry as a whole," he said.

You can only use recreational marijuana at home or on private property, which could pose a problem for visitors from outside Oregon.

Under Measure 91, a hotel room is not considered a public place.

However, most hotels are smoke-free.

Hopkins also pointed out that there's no designated areas for cannabis users.

"There's places for people to go smoke and there's bars for people to use alcohol, but right now there is no place for us to actually use the cannabis," he said.

And don't forget: the trials will be held at historic Hayward Field on the University of Oregon campus.

It's a school campus partially funded by the federal government, so federal guidelines on marijuana are enforced.

"The rules still apply: they can't bring it here, they can't use it here," said Sgt. Scott Geeting of the UO Police Department.

Police said disciplinary action depends on the situation.

Penalties will be applied appropriately if a student or person under 21 is caught with marijuana.

But what about those people legally in possession under state law?

"If they are over 21 and possessing it legally based on the state standard, we would probably be reasonable with that and ask them to remove from the area," said Geeting.

According to the World Anti-Doping Agency, marijuana and cannabinoids are prohibited substances in-competition.

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