Olympic qualifier splits her time between film directing and training

Alexi Pappas, right, will represent Greece in the 2016 Summer Olympics and is producing a feature film. Photo by Sara Mattison

EUGENE, Ore. - Alexi Pappas is not just a runner who qualified for the Rio Olympics, but also a filmmaker. She's currently working on a movie about TrackTown U.S.A.

This is Pappas' second feature film, but it's her first time directing and acting.

The film is simply called "TrackTown" and it took three years to make.

The film is about a woman, played by Pappas, who trains for the Olympics.

Pappas said juggling two big projects, the Olympics and the movie, requires discipline. A term she knows well.

"It could be this whole big distraction of this other thing, but she's able to kind of compartmentalize those two projects pretty well," said Ian Dobson, Pappas' coach. "For someone like Alexi who is just - she's smart; she's interesting. There's got to be more than just running."

"TrackTown" the movie will premiere at the LA Film Festival in June.

Watch #LiveonKMTR Tuesday, May 24 for a closer look at how the movie was made.

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