Tee It Up: Hole 5 at the Springfield Golf Club

Watch Tee It Up June 6 for tips on how to tackle Hole 5 at the Springfield Golf Club. (SBG photo)

Watch #LiveOnKMTR NBC 16 Today Wednesday, July 6, at 6:30 a.m.

We are gearing up for Hole 5 in this week's segment of "Tee It Up." But before we head out to the course, Justin gives me a driving lesson.

I slice my ball off the tee box almost every time. Don't laugh, but I usually aim left so it lands straight on the fairway. Get my logic?

Justin helps position my shoulders, hips, and swing to give me a straighter and longer drive. He show me how to use my "big muscles!"

Now that we have things straightened out, it's time to tackle Hole 5 in the next "Tee It Up" segment. Fingers crossed I'll hit it long and straight!

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