How an Oregon ranch is woven into the thread of the Olympics

U.S. Olympic uniforms share a common thread with Imperial Stock Ranch in Maupin. Photo by Audrey Weil.

On the world's biggest stage, the state of Oregon will be ingrained in the fabric of Team USA.

The first look for USA's Olympic uniforms for the Opening Ceremony was released on Monday as Ralph Lauren unveiled the 2018 winter line. The uniforms include a red, white and blue sweater, made out of yarn that's part wool and part alpaca, which is made right here in Oregon.

Imperial Stock Ranch is unknown when it comes to the world state, but it has more in common with the Olympics than you might think; the two share a common thread.

The wool from Carver's ranch outfits American Winter Olympians.

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The partnership with Ralph Lauren started out of the blue when they gave her a call before the 2014 games in Sochi.

"Honestly it changed our life as a small family ranch," said Carver, stating that the business boomed with orders for yarn and branding partnerships.

All the while, Carver was filled with pride for her product, and her role in the Olympics.

"Ten thousand years wool has been the core of mans textiles and no other fiber comes close," said Carver. "We just cheer them on all the more all the more."

But this year's games will be a little different. A few years back, Carver sold the yarn part of the business, after she had to step down to take care of her sick husband.

"It was difficult and I wouldn't change the decision but I'm where I need to be right now with our life. I'm where I need to be," she said.

She is still in charge of the ranch and still cares for the sheep who provide the wool, and she's still the face of Ralph Lauren's "Made in America" line -- excited to show off the 2018 apparel.

"It's a timeless classic ski sweater in an all-American blocked color way."

She says she's lucky to be part of the greatness and glory, woven into Olympic history.

"It just it humbles you; it gives you great pride."

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