UO president answers senator's questions about investigation into Duck basketball player

Oregon Ducks forward Kavell Bigby-Williams (#35) fights with Valparaiso forward Jubril Adekoya (#23) for control of a loose ball. The Oregon Ducks defeated Valparaiso 76-54. Photo by Austin Hicks, Oregon News Lab

EUGENE, Ore. - Sen. Ron Wyden sent University of Oregon Michael Schill a letter earlier this month requesting answers to questions raised by a Sports Illustrated article about a Duck basketball player who participated in the team's Final Four run while under investigation for a possible sexual assault in Wyoming.

The story by Oregon senior Kenny Jacoby chronicled how Oregon handled inquiries from authorities in Wyoming into Oregon basketball player Kavell Bigby-Williams.

"Time and time again, colleges and universities demonstrate to policymakers, students, the general public, and especially to victims, that too often they are acting to protect their interest," Wyden wrote.

Wyden gave Schill a November 20 deadline.

Schill beat that by a week.

"Nothing could be further from the truth," Schill wrote of Wyden's characterization of events. "The media's reporting on this issue does not reflect the entirety of the information in the case due to privacy laws."

Schill added that Oregon "did not open a conduct investigation because the alleged survivor was clear and consistent in her request that no action be taken."

Schill also invited Wyden to campus to discuss this issue.

In the remaining 41 pages of the letter, Schilll offers answers Wyden's questions.

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