'Just two ol' Oregon boys making it to the podium at Pac-12s here in Eugene'

Trevor Danielson (far left) and Cody Danielson (far right). (SBG photo)

EUGENE, Ore. – This weekend, some of the nation’s best athletes competed in Eugene at the track and field Pac-12 Championships. For one Oregon senior, it seemed unlikely he would ever compete at historic Hayward Field.

Oregon’s Cody Danielson didn’t expect his athletic career to go the direction it did.

“It’s been a wild ride I guess,” Cody said. “But that’s how things work.”

He’s now known as a top-tier athlete in the men’s javelin.

But that wasn’t always the case. Cody took the road less traveled on his path to success.

“I didn't know I was going to do javelin until the end of my senior year in high school,” he said.

Cody first picked up the javelin after he put down the baseball bat in his final spring season at Newberg High School. Colleges took notice.

Although he went un-recruited by Oregon out of high school, he accepted a partial scholarship to UCLA.

He transferred back to his home state after his sophomore year.

“Being able to compete in the state of Oregon and TTUSA, there's no better deal than that,” Cody said.

The move appeared to pay immediate dividends. In the spring of 2016 came the Pac-12 Championships.

But for Cody, first came months of rehab.

“It was a torn labrum,” Cody said. “I hurt that on my first opener down in Arizona last year and it took tons of rehab until it got to the point where I could throw at Pac-12s.”

Despite the injury, Cody won the conference title.

Fast forward to 2017, Cody seemed ready to compete. Until he lost two fingers on his left hand in an ATV accident in March.

His season was put on hold again, but not for long.

“I was positive right away,” Cody said. “It's tough to lose a piece of yourself and know that it's, like, gone. But that's not a big deal.”

Ready to throw, he re-emerged at the Pac-12 Championships at Hayward Field.

For Cody, the championships had a new feel because it became a family affair. His younger brother, Trevor, threw as a sophomore this weekend for Stanford.

“That was my first Pac-12 Championships, so it was really nice to have him out there giving me some tips,” Trevor said.

Cody finished in second followed by Trevor who threw his way onto the podium with a third place finish.

“You're giving me tips through the whole thing, trying to keep me relaxed and I think that kind of just showed on my last throw,” Trevor said to his brother. “Being nice and relaxed, hitting the best one of my season and the best one of my life.”

The Danielson brothers finished two and three in the 2016 Pac-12 Championships.

“I was so happy, man. I was stoked about that. Just two ol' Oregon boys making it to the podium at Pac-12s here in Eugene. I mean, that's awesome,” Cody said.

But what’s a competition without a sibling rivalry?

The Danielsons made a wager headed into the Pac-12 championships that whoever won between the two would get first choice on a bedroom in their parents’ newly-built house.

Afterward, Cody said with a smile, “I won.”

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