'It's like getting struck by lightning twice': Devon Allen tears ACL, again

Oregon Ducks wide receiver Devon Allen (#13) clutches his knee after an offensive drive in Lincoln Memorial Stadium. Nebraska beat Oregon 35-32. Katie Pietzold, Oregon News Lab

EUGENE, Ore. – For the second time in his career at Oregon, Devon Allen is dealing with a serious knee injury suffered on a non-contact play.

The Olympian is out for the remainder of the season with a torn ACL.

Allen is the second leading receiver for the Ducks through three games and while the roster is loaded with talent at wide receiver, Oregon lost an experienced player and leader on the offense.

"It's like getting struck by lightning twice, you know? Just of how that occurred; I mean the physics of that. I want to know the odds of - it's just incredible. Very unfortunate for him personally. He's a guy that's revered around here and he'll, he'll bounce back," said Head Coach Mark Helfrich.

“It sucked, man, you know, everything good that comes to him, he deserves it. So to see him go down on something like that on special teams, non-contact, man that really hurts,” said Dwayne Stanford, Ducks senior wide receiver.

Helfrich said Allen was the first one out to practice Tuesday, motivating his teammates and helping them prepare for Colorado.

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