A Hoops Household: How basketball is woven through the Graves family

Coach Kelly Graves lets out a yell as Lexi Bando scores one of her game ending three-pointers. The Oregon Ducks defeated the USC Trojans 80-74 on Friday at Matthew Knight Arena in a game that went into double overtime. Lexi Bando sealed the Ducks victory by scoring a three-pointer in the closing of the game. Ruthy Hebard set a new NCAA record of 30 consecutive field goals, the old record being 28. Ruthy Hebard got a double-double with 27 points and 10 rebounds, Mallory McGwire also had 10 rebounds. The ducks had four players in double digits. The Ducks are now 24-4, 13-2 in the Pac-12, and are tied for first with Stanford. Photo by August Frank, Oregon News Lab

EUGENE, Ore. - Now in his fifth season as head coach of the Oregon Women's Basketball team, Kelly Graves has transformed a Ducks' program that was struggling for years into National Championship contenders.

But Kelly isn't the only member of the Graves family that has basketball in his blood.

Behind the home bench at Matthew Knight Arena, Jack and Will Graves cheer on the Oregon Women's Basketball team, led by their dad.

It's a family that is passionate about hoops.

"When we're at home together, we watch games,” said Kelly. “Sometimes there are fights; who's better, KD or LeBron? It's just something we're all into."

Kelly's oldest son, Max, coaches high school basketball in Arizona, but in Eugene, Jack and Will are pursuing basketball opportunities not too far from the U of O, at Lane Community College.

Jack is in his second year as an assistant coach on Greg Sheley's staff with the LCC Women's team.

"For a while, I wanted to be a beat writer for basketball,” said Jack. “But then that fell by the wayside. One day Sheley asked me 'Hey, wanna stick around on staff a couple more years?' and I said 'Fine, yeah,' and then I went home and tried to learn everything I can about being a coach."

"I think Jack is getting a lot more confident in what he's doing,” said Kelly. “He's spent a lot of time on the road and doing some recruiting. I think this is a great avenue for him to continue that love of the game."

Will Graves is a freshman on the LCC Men's squad. Playing for head coach Joe White was a big factor in his decision to play for the Titans.

"I love the championship culture and the family culture,” said Will. “He always refers to our team as a family and that really means a lot to me."

"There's not a person that doesn't like Will; there's not a person that doesn't like being around Will,” said White. “Doesn't make a lot of mistakes, doesn't turn the ball over. Really values what we preach as a whole."

It's a basketball bond that the Graves' family cherishes; a hoops household with every member creating their own path.

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