'This sport is my life, and when I no longer had it I didn't know what to do'

Makenzy Borek

EUGENE, Ore. - Most nights you'll find Makenzy Borek hovering by a volleyball net, ready to strike.

Borek's relationship with the sport runs deep.

She's played it most of her life - and will play after high school at Central Washington University.

But these days, she doesn't take the game for granted.

During her freshman season, her young career took a turn

"The ball came at me very quickly," the Sheldon outside hitter said. "I wasn't jumping or anything. I was just kind of standing and I twisted, and that's all it took and I was out for 9 months."

Her knee was blown after tearing her ACL.

"This sport is my life," she said, "and when I no longer had it I didn't know what to do with myself."

Borek was cleared to play again part way through her sophomore season. The season wasn't pretty.

Then the moment came: Mak was back.

"When you hit that 10-foot line for the first time - yay I can do it again! It's still there," she said.

And she's back with a new sense of gratitude - and attitude - on the court.

"Just go hard," she said, "and have fun."

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