Prefontaine's mother passes away

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. -- Steve Prefontaine's mother, Elfriede Prefontaine, has passed away at the age of 88.

Elfriede died Tuesday at a Springfield hospital.

Those who knew her remember her fondly. "We'll really miss her, you know," said Bob Huggins of the Prefontaine Memorial Committee. "She's been an institution really in this community, and gotten to be pretty well known because of her son. "She was always very gracious to me and my wife, and I'll just miss her as a friend."

Roger Gould, the Prefontaine family attorney, says that Steve took after his mom. "She was a wonderful lady. She was a very sweet lady, very tough," he said. "That's definitely where Pre got his toughness, from his mom."

Elfriede Prefontaine will be buried in the family plot in Coos Bay.

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