'Maybe we can be soft, but as long as we score more points, we'll get the win'

PASADENA, Calif. - The Oregon Ducks ran over nearly every team they faced this season, including the "physical" teams like Stanford and Michigan State.

The Ducks gained more than 3,000 yards on the ground with a patchwork offensive line that proved its toughness.

Yet the question is still being asked if Oregon is all about finesse over power.

The perception is so ludacrous, the Ducks think its funny when critics call the Oregon offense "soft."

"Just chuckle and laugh," said Jake Fisher, senior tackle. "You want to downplay our game? Feel free. But we're still going to come and play our hardest."

That's what the coaches expect.

"I love it when people say we're not tough enough," said offensive coordinator Scott Frost, "because it motivates our kids."

But while Fisher may laugh it off, Byron Marshall takes it personally.

"I mean, I don't know where ya'll are getting your facts from," the junior running back said. "We go out there and we play with the best of teams. All this talk from 'Oh they're not physical, they're a finesse team' - I mean we're fast and we're spread out, but we can play with anybody. Yeah, I don't know where ya'll are coming up this."

"It's just something that people resort to when we lose, something they pick at," freshman running back Royce Freeman said. "Trying to say we're a finesse team, things like that - ultimately I don't think that of our team at all."

"We don't care what perception is," Frost said. "We do what we do. We trust our process."

The Ducks have every right to tune out the critics as their NCAA best 59 wins this decade speak for themselves.

"I think we're going to go out there and score a lot of points," freshman receiver Devon Allen said. "Maybe we can be soft, but as long as we score more points, we'll get the win."

"It is what it is," Heisman winner Marcus Mariota added, "but if we end up winning the game, then it doesn't really matter."

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