Eaton takes home the gold, sets sights on Olympics

Ashton Eaton holds the American flag after finishing the men's 1000 meter race and earning the top score in the men's heptathlon. Eaton competed at the IAAF World Indoor Championships Saturday, March 19. Photo by Amanda Butt

PORTLAND, Ore. - Ashton Eaton found himself on the podium Saturday night to accept his third straight world indoor heptathlon gold medal.

Eaton coasted on the 1000 meter race to finish the last event. In the end, he earned the top standing with a score of 6,470.

He says it's an honor, but there's no time to celebrate.

"It's very important for us, knowing how the sport works, to not just be satisfied. We very much have to refocus and say, 'Cool, Portland was awesome. But we must get ready for outdoor.' So I think we'll take two days to do that, say 'Hey, that was awesome.' And then get back on it," Eaton said.

Eaton's final score was 175 points behind his total mark he set for years ago at the indoor competition in Istanbul.

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