Coach Gary Andersen prepares to face off against familiar faces

CORVALLIS, Ore. - Beavers' Head Coach Gary Andersen expects to see some familiar faces in the coming week as he gets ready to host Weber State from Ogden, Utah. Andersen's roots are in Utah. He was born in Salt Lake City and coached in Utah from 1997 to 2012. Andersen recruited Weber State Head Coach Jay Hill as a defensive back and then coached with him at Utah. The connections don't end there. Almost all of Weber State's assistant coaches have played or coached with Andersen over the years. "You know, I didn't really care who was on the schedule when I took this job. So I didn't study it before, so I would say probably within the first week when I looked at the schedule and had an idea, yep! There sat Weber State, ironically our first game at Utah State we played Utah. That was obviously with Kyle so it seems to follow me a little bit that state of Utah. We go to Wisconsin and play BYU. I mean, what's the chances of that? So here we are again," Andersen said. The Beavers and Wildcats kickoff Friday at 5.

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