Beavers show off a new coaching era in Spring Game

CORVALLIS, Ore. - Over the last month and a half it's been a learning experience for the Beavers as they adapt to new coaching techniques from head coach Gary Anderson. On Saturday, they showed off what's been a high energy and fast paced spring season.

12,316 attending fans saw their first glimpse of Coach Andersen football at the annual Spring Game. The Beavers took to the field and split into white and orange teams. The number one offense played in white.

Quarterbacks were off limits from hits unless they ran the ball and freshman Seth Collins was flipped on the first play of the game.

The white team capitalized on their opening drive and ended it with a touchdown by Chris Brown.

In the orange team's first play, Xavier Hawkins took off running 70 yards for a score, tying the game 7-7.

In the white team's response, Victor Bolden mirrors Hawkins for a 70 yard touchdown. Bolden lead all receivers with five catches and racked up 99 yards.

At the end of the first quarter, Collins found Richard Mullaney for a 20 yard touchdown making the score 28-7. Collins had more than 200 passing yards in the day. He also rushed for 77 yards.

In the end, the white team came away with the win 38-7. Coach Andersen said he was pleased with how the offense developed this spring.

"For the last 14 days, through the last two weeks, we've stated pretty hard to the kids that we need to take some big steps, on offense and defense, and I really believe the offense has done that, especially the last two practices," he said.

After the game, Anderson reaffirmed that no starter has been named at quarterback and they will go into fall camp with Collins and Nick Mitchel being 1-A and 1-B.

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