'Super Fan' hopes his luck will help Oregon State win College World Series

Drew Boedigheimer, 8, is hoping his luck will help his team win the College World Series. (Bill Steckis/Fox42 News)

An 8-year-old boy hopes he can help his favorite team win the College World Series.

The boy, who lives in Arizona, had a heart transplant 6 years ago.

Now he is in Omaha rooting on the Oregon State University Beavers.

The players say the boy is their source of inspiration.

Drew Boedigheimer has been an Oregon State fan since he was 2 years old.

He has battled a number of health issues since then.

"What he's going through is way worse than what we go through. Our coach uses it as motivation. It really hits us at the heart and helps us put things into perspective," said Tyler Malone, an Oregon State player.

From the team's perspective he is welcome any time in the dugout or locker room.

"It's nice that they open up to someone like me," said Boedigheimer.

He travels to Oregon once a year to see the team play. He also tries to catch a game in his home state of Arizona whenever he can.

Boedigheimer became a fan thanks to his parents. Both are graduates of Oregon State.

"Baseball is good for the soul, and Drew has been around baseball since he was 3 months old and this continues it. He loves these guys and these guys love him," said Todd Boedigheimer, Drew's father.

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