Hometown Sports Athlete of the Week: Sam Jones

Sam Jones makes sure everyone maintains a positive attitude on the baseball diamond and in school. SBG image

PLEASANT HILL, Ore. - In the competitive world of high school sports, it's easy to forget why students play. Until you meet Pleasant Hill High School's, Sam Jones, who reminds us - the point is to have fun.

Jones, a senior, is always looking for ways to keep his team positive in the dugout.

"When a guy strikes out, we actually try to have Snapple caps. Snapple caps have facts on them and we read off the facts to get the guys cheered up," he explains.

It's not just about baseball.

Jones dyed his hair into what he calls "The skunk" - but it's not for the look. It was a move to raise awareness for Pleasant Hill's "Mr. Billie Pageant" - a fundraiser for C.M.N. Hospital's "Helping Kids, Helping Kids" program.

According to Billies Head Coach Erik Hoberg, the event set a record this year, raising $36,000.

"He's such a great person to have in our school and our community," Coach Hoberg said. "He just has a joy for life, and again, kids feed off that."

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