Watch: Reporter stands in 100 mph wind tunnel to simulate hurricane

    Circa reporter Jennifer Munoz stands inside the Glenn L Martin Wind Tunnel in Annapolis, Md. (Photo: Circa)

    Ever wonder what it would be like to stand in a hurricane?

    One reporter from our sister station Circa decided to try and do just that, courtesy of the University of Maryland's Glenn L. Martin Wind Tunnel.

    Watch what happens as the wind speeds reach 100 mph:

    This is really the only safe way to experience 100 mph winds. Trying to do this in an actual hurricane and you stand a good chance (or not stand...) of getting whacked with debris.

    Of course, hurricanes are not something we need to be concerned about in the Northwest. Even official "hurricane force" winds are difficult to come by, which requires a sustained 74 mph wind. We can reach gusts of 74 mph in some of our stronger fall and winter windstorms, but getting that kind of speed sustained is exceedingly rare, unless you're standing atop Hurricane Ridge or Crystal Mountain (where wind gauges record gusts of 100-115 mph on the mountain ridges during our stronger storms.)

    Still, even though we don't get hurricanes or hurricane force winds, being out even in our routine 30 mph sustained/gust to 50-55 mph winds can be dangerous.

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