Utah experiencing lowest snowpack levels in 30 years

    Utah experiencing lowest snowpack levels in 30 years (Photo: KUTV)

    SALT LAKE CITY (KUTV) - Parts of Utah are dealing with the worst snowpack in 30 years according to the Salt Lake City National Weather Service.

    Meteorologists, Randy Graham, tells 2News that right now the lack of snowpack is creating a rough ride for skiers and possible long-term problems for farmers and residents throughout the state. Problems include possible water restrictions in certain counties, less water for farmers and their crops.

    "If things don't really improve, if we don't really start picking up on our snowpack, there are typically some impacts as far as water use going into the summer," Graham said.

    Right now ski resorts like Snowbasin are experiencing about 35 inches of snow at the base and this time last year they had about 45 inches of snow. Snow there is an obvious impact according to Graham.

    "There's really no positives for us having snowpack that's way below average. There's really nothing good that comes from it," Graham said.

    2News spoke to some skier and asked about the quality of snow and their concerns with the current snowpack right now. To hear what they have to say watch the news story above.

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