Woman crashes car into Medford 7-11

Car crashes into Medford 7-11, no injuries reported. (Melissa Ramirez)

A woman drove a BMW through the entrance of the 7-11 on Delta Waters Road and Crater Lake Ave in Medford on Wednesday.

Medford Police says, the woman was in the process of parking her car and hit the gas instead of the brake. During the stress of the moment she continued to press the accelerator which caused her to drive through the entrance.

No injuries have been reported. There was one customer and one employee inside the convenience store at the time.

The customer was knocked over when the car came through the entrance, but was able to walk away with only scratches on her hand. When News 10's Mike Marut spoke with her, she said the sound of the car coming through sounded like a bomb going off - a sound she says she will never forget.

The driver was not available for any interviews on Wednesday. 7-11 employees declined to do any interviews after the crash.

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