Volunteers drive veterans to appointments at Roseburg VA; more help needed

The hospital has a program called DAV Transportation Network. (SBG)

ROSEBURG, Ore. - Charlie Christensen has appointments at the Roseburg VA every week.

But he lives 70 miles away in Eugene.

He relies on volunteer drivers to help him get the medical care he needs.

"Because this place is the only place and the only lady that is qualified to work on my legs, because I got open wound deals and there's no doctors to do it," Christensen said.

The hospital has a program called DAV Transportation Network.

Volunteers are able to sign up and help veterans get to appointments locally, or travel to Eugene or Portland.

"For everything that we can provide for 'em, as far as driving and the service that we give to pick 'em and take 'em back home," said Bob Howerton, a volunteer driver.

Howerton says he sometimes puts in 14 hour days to help veterans get to where they need to go.

"Just makes me happy that I'm fulfilling something in my life that I can give back," he said.

The Roseburg VA is in need of more drivers.

This concerns Christensen, because he depends on the service and says other veterans need help, too.

"But I'd rather see the other people get to their destination, and be able to get help," he said.

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