Umpqua North Complex sees no change in acreage for second week

Umpqua North Complex low and slow burn operation with Vale Hotshots, Umpqua NF Eng-65 and holding resources made up of various engines and Imperial Forestry Crew on Friday, Sept. 1, 2017, in the Umpqua National Forest. (Kari Greer/U.S. Forest Service)

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- The Umpqua North Complex continues to hold at 43,158 acres.

Firefighter efforts and the recent snow & rains have stopped the fires in their tracks with no change in total acreage for the second week, officials said. There will continue to be smokes within the containment lines as individual logs and stumps smolder. These smokes are well interior and surrounded by already burnt vegetation and do not pose a threat to the containment lines.

Fire suppression repair continues with hazard tree mitigation which has begun within the Fall Creek Fire area. The mitigation of snags and hazard trees along HWY 138 in between MP 46-51 (Illahee Flats) is scheduled to be completed next week. This project will start on Tuesday and is tentatively scheduled to run through next week. The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) will provide traffic control and pilot car escort along the corridor from 8:30 a.m. until 6 p.m. each day.

On Forest Road 38 to 3811, the horizontal grinder has been working steadily in conjunction with a front-end loader which has doubled production. They still have at least two, at the most, three more days of work until the suppression repair is completed in this area.

On the 4711/550 Road, snagging/hazard tree falling and clearing efforts continue. Last Saturday members of the Umpqua National Forest Fire crew entered the area and began flagging hazard trees in advance of a team of now 11 local area contract fallers under the supervision of a Falling Boss and a Safety Officer. The task force which includes a fireline paramedic for crew safety along with a Skidder to clear the dropped trees off of the road is making slow but steady progress. It is anticipated that the task force has at least two to three more days work ahead of them.

The weather for Tuesday and Wednesday is anticipated to be increasingly warm and clear due to an upper level low over Northern California. Warm dry afternoons are predicted for the Glide/Umpqua National Forest area with temperatures forecast to be 65 - 70 in the valleys and 60 – 65 up on the ridges.

Total personnel in the complex now stands at 134.

Closures: The revised closure order issued on September 22, 2017, is anticipated to remain in place, at least until the end of this week. The following trails are now open: segments of the North Umpqua Trail #1414, Mt. Bailey Trail, #1415, Dread and Terror Trail, #1461, Rodley Butte Trail, #1452, and West Lake Trail, #1452.

On the North Umpqua Ranger District, Forest Road 38 near Steamboat will reopen from the junction with Hwy. 138 to Forest Road 4760. Forest Road 38 will remain closed between Forest Road 4760 and Forest Road 3821. Steamboat ballfield Group Site is open again. Steamboat Falls and Canton Creek campgrounds will remain closed for the season and reopen in the Spring. Forest Road 3401 (Loafer1creek), leading to the Umpqua Hot Springs, and adjacent spurs are now open. Forest Road 34 will remain closed between the junction of Forest Road 3401 and the Willamette National Boundary.

Devil’s Canyon area closure south of Hwy 138 on the Diamond Lake Ranger District has been greatly reduced, roads along Rough Creek and around Skookum lake in the fire area northwest of Garwood Butte will remain closed The public is being asked to respect closures. For additional information you can go to Inciweb website and the Umpqua National Forest website, which can be viewed at

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