Mobile home fire in Eagle Point displaces more than a dozen family members

(KTVL/ Kimberly Kolliner)

Malinda Qualls is holding back tears as she thinks of her nine kids and five adult family members who are now without a home.

It all started Mother's Day - typically a stress free celebration.

"It was all up until we came home or to this," said Malinda Qualls.

At approximately 7:45 p.m. the Qualls home on the 6400 block of Monte Vista Court in Eagle Point caught fire.

The family was enjoying a different type of char, at a Mother's Day barbecue before the fire broke out.

"Soon as we arrived home, my sister's room had some in it and my brother came out running saying that there's some in the house and that he thought there was a fire," said Brandon Qualls, Malinda’s son.

The thought quickly turned into reality, burning up the mobile home front to back.

"No one has nothing left over, my dad's stuff he got from his dad is gone, burnt," said Brandon Qualls.

There wasn't a moment to grab family collections or even clothes.

Fire Marshall John Patterson says putting out the fire had to be done defensively rather of offensively because of the dangerous structure of the home.

"A fairly small fire in a manufactured home, in a mobile home, would become a total loss fairly quickly," said Patterson.

In large part because of the roofing.

"The weathered membrane around the house is typically out of some type of metal material, tin or aluminum and they seal it up the point the weather can't get in and heat can't get out," said Patterson.

The trapped heat destroyed nearly everything making it a hazard to even step foot inside the mobile home once more.

One thing that did remain is their safe, which contains the family’s insurance policy.

They will be coordinating with Jackson County Fire District 3 to retrieve it.

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