McGovern Elementary 'student(s)' taken into custody following threat investigation

McGovern Elementary School in Winston, March 6, 2018. (SBG)

WINSTON, Ore. -- Police in Winston have completed their investigation into a school threat at McGovern Elementary School in Winston this week.

On Tuesday, March 6, a handwritten threat of a “shoot out” was found on a restroom wall by staff at McGovern.

The content of the threat was not specific as to any person, but did mention the date of March 12, 2018, in the message.

As of Wednesday at 8 a.m., Winston PD "has identified the student(s) who wrote the threat at MES" Tuesday, the department said.

"The student(s) have been taken into custody by the Winston Police Department and released to a parent(s) and will be facing consequences from the school as well as from law enforcement," WPD said in a news release.

The arresting charge was Disorderly Conduct in the First Degree, police said.

Police didn't elaborate if it was one student responsible or multiple students.

"Upon investigation, the threat was not found to be credible, and the student(s) had no means of carrying out the 'shootout.' (Deemed as a prank)," the department said. "MES staff, administration, and the Winston Police Department will continue to be vigilant, but at this time there is no threat to the campus or students of MES."

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