Fire on Camas Mountain burns 3/4 of an acre

(MGN Online image)

CAMAS VALLEY, Ore. -- Despite cooler overnight temperatures, fire danger is still present throughout the Douglas District. This was demonstrated Monday evening when firefighters from the Douglas Forest Protective Association and Camas Valley Rural Fire Department responded to a grass fire about 1.5 miles northeast of Camas Valley, near the 17000 block of Highway 42.

Crews arrived on scene of the Camas Mountain Fire and attacked the blaze, which was burning through grass at a moderate rate of spread. Firefighters stopped the spread at 3/4 of an acre and remained on scene for about an hour, mopping up hot spots and securing control lines.

Fire officials determined that the Camas Mountain Fire was caused by hot ashes from a wood stove being dumped in dry grass. While there are no restrictions on using wood stoves insides homes, it is important that the ashes are disposed of properly so they don’t start a wildfire, officials said, adding that ash from a fireplace or wood stove can retain enough heat to ignite other combustible material for several days after a fire.

When cleaning ash from a fireplace or wood stove, follow these tips:

• Treat all ashes as being hot!

• Never put hot ash into a paper or plastic bag, cardboard box or other similar container. The only type of container suitable for ash storage is a metal container with a tight fitting lid.

• Spray water on the ash prior to attaching the metal lid to the container and allow them to completely cool outside, away from your home.

• Never store your metal ash container (with ashes in them) on your deck, in your garage, or in any location that may allow heat to transfer from the hot coals to nearby flammable items.

• Once the ash has completely cooled, only dump them in areas free of flammable vegetation. As an additional precaution, have a garden hose and shovel on site when you dump the ash so you can spray water and mix the ash to ensure that they are completely extinguished.

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