Days Creek elementary students to help plant 2,000 trees on fire-damaged land


DAYS CREEK, Ore. - Dozens of Days Creek Charter School students will make the forest their classroom Monday, March 19, as they help plant 2,000 trees on land damaged by recent wildfires.

Students from kindergarten to fourth grade will take part in the school’s Rubber Boots/Work Gloves monthly community service project while learning about natural resources. Up to 65 students total are expected to participate, including high school student aides.

Mark Angle, superintendent and principal at Days Creek School District, said the school’s charter emphasized a natural resources theme when it was put in place for the high school over 10 years ago. Last year, work was done to incorporate that theme into the younger grades, and one outcome was the monthly service day.

“We spent the entire year last year developing a scope and sequence for natural resources that intentionally embeds a lesson or unit with a natural resources theme into every grade level and many content areas,” Angle said.

The Bureau of Land Management, one of Days Creek Charter School’s education partners, is assisting with the project.

Students will be working on private property damaged by the Stouts Creek and Horse Prairie fires. Through the BLM’s fire Emergency Stabilization Rehabilitation process, the properties were identified as land at risk of major debris flows that could endanger structures.

The BLM, Lone Rock Resources and Roseburg Resources donated the trees that include primarily fir but also Western Red cedar, Ponderosa pine and a few hardwood species. Students will be traveling to the Horse Prairie Fire area along Cow Creek Byway to conduct the watershed stewardship outreach.

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