Coos Bay Fire Department to burn a house Saturday in 'Burn to Learn' exercise

Coos Bay Fire Department (File/SBG photo)

COOS BAY, Ore. -- Coos Bay Fire Department plans to burn a house located at 63089 Strawberry Road in the Libby area starting around 9 a.m. and ending about 1 p.m. on Saturday, January 13.

The purpose is to provide training for firefighters under realistic conditions. They will be practicing exterior fire attack, water supply operations, rescue skills, ventilation, and exposure protection activities.

"These exercises allow us to maintain our skills at an optimum level, helping to ensure that we are ready when an unplanned fire emergency occurs," City of Coos Bay officials said in a news release.

During the drill, Strawberry Road will be closed to traffic due to firefighting equipment and personnel. Both ends of Garden Lane will remain open, and it will only be closed at the intersection of Strawberry Road. Residents who live on Strawberry Road are asked to park any vehicles that may need to be used on Garden Lane.

This exercise will be controlled. "We have planned additional resources to help insure that this drill is conducted safely - both for our personnel and for the safety and property protection to others."

"We will be constantly monitoring the wind conditions and the effect that this exercise may have on the residents in the area," officials said. "We request that you keep your windows closed during the exercise, and to notify us if you feel that smoke is getting into your home."

A fire department member will be at the burn location until the fire is in a controlled state, and it will be monitored until it is extinguished.

"This drill is designed with you in mind," the news release states. "A live-fire exercise is the best type of training that we can provide your firefighters."

For questions about this training drill or about Coos Bay Fire Department, contact Coos Bay Fire Station No. 1 at 450 Elrod Avenue or call (541) 269-1191.

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