Boy Scouts kick off campaign to help the the hungry

(Photo courtesy Chris McCullough)

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- “A Scout is helpful” - and now, hundreds of Scouts in Douglas County have the opportunity to do just that.

The local Boy Scout District, made up of 40 different Scouting units, has kicked off its annual Scouting For Food Campaign.

This service project allows the individual Scouts to support their communities and provides youth an opportunity to learn the values of character, citizenship, and service.

The boys in Boy Scouts and girls in Venturing and Exploring, have a goal to beat last year’s record of 30,000 pounds of food raised in this seasonal event.

This food collected will be shared with local food pantries to help feed the families of Douglas County.

Some of the boys and girls have began distributing food bags to the doorsteps of Douglas County residents. On Saturday, November 18, they will return to pick up the bags filled with food.

"If they did not drop off a bag to fill, they will be cheerfully knocking on most doors to courteously ask their neighbors to contribute to this worthwhile program," the Scouts said in a news release.

Some local Girl Scouts will be participating this year again as well.

If you receive a bag from the Scouts, they ask to please take the time to fill it with nonperishable foods and return it to your doorstep Saturday morning, the 18th, by 9 a.m.

Not every neighborhood can be canvassed, so if you do not receive a bag or a knock, consider taking a donation of food in the name of the Boy Scouts to the Salvation Army at 3130 NE Stephens in Roseburg, or to your local food pantry.

"The Boy Scouts would like to thank Bi-Mart for donating the bags used in this campaign. Their partnership and support of this program goes back decades."

For more information on Scouting for Food, to join, or to make a contribution to Scouting, contact Chris McCullough at (541) 673-5305.

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