Ashland community members looking to help man who helps feed hungry

(Courtesy: Tam Masdon)

Ashland, Ore. - Every Sunday near the Lithia Park gazebo, you might see a man helping feed the hungry with a small vat of soup. That man is Komac Tapp and people in Ashland are looking to help him get a new van to deliver soup altogether.

Tapp has a list of problems with his van that he needs fixed including leaks near his engine bloc, the front driver-side door nearly falling off and others.

Tapp uses the van to transport the soup and his instruments. He plays music in order to make money to make the soup.

"Two days a week he plays music and all of the money he makes playing music goes directly towards soup ingredients," Tam Masdon said. "Some weeks he doesn't have enough and he also plugs into food banks to make it happen. It's just all purely from his heart."

Masdon says Tapp's mom told her he goes every Sunday no matter what the weather or what condition he is in to deliver the soup. Some people have already stepped up to donate, but Masdon and some of Tapp's friends say he needs more than a couple hundred dollars to fix or replace his van. Now, they look to the community for helping a selfless man.

If you would like to donate, you can do so to a GoFundMe set up by Masdon and her friends.

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