Special Election: Around 12% of Douglas County ballots returned so far


ROSEBURG, Ore. - So far, Douglas County has received 8,806 ballots for a percentage turnout of 11.78%. Douglas County mailed 74,742 ballots in total.

Ballots need to be returned by 8 p.m. January 23. Ballots put in one of the official ballot drop boxes located throughout the county do not need postage, and can be placed in the drop box until 8 p.m. January 23.

Ballots sent through the mail need to allow enough time for the ballot to be returned to the election’s office; postmarks DO NOT count.

Voters must be sure to sign the ballot return envelope prior to mailing or dropping in a ballot box, or their vote cannot be counted. If your signature has changed, you will need to fill out a new voter registration card so that your current signature on file.

If the Douglas County Election’s Office has any questions about your signature, they will contact you. If you are no longer able to sign, please contact the election’s office for instructions prior to returning your ballot. In Oregon, a power of attorney does not qualify as a voter’s signature.

For more information including a sample ballot, instructions, etc., visit the Douglas County Clerk’s Office.

Voters’ pamphlets are compiled and distributed by the Secretary of State’s office. An electronic and audio version can be found at the Secretary of State’s website.

This special election centers around one ballot measure. Ballot Measure 101 that asks voters to approve or reject a 1.5 percent temporary assessment on insurance companies, some hospitals, and other insurance and health coverage providers. The assessment funds health care for low-income individuals and families, and stabilize health insurance premiums.

For additional information, please visit the Oregon Secretary of State’s website at

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