Students in Eugene take part in national walkouts

Students walk out of South Eugene High School on March 14, 2018. Supporters lined up along the sidewalk to cheer the students on. (SBG)

EUGENE, Ore. - Some students in Eugene stepped out of class at 10 a.m. as part of a nationwide walkout advocating for stricter gun laws Wednesday.

"We want legislative change," said Allison Dominguez, a student organizer. "We want it now, and we will use our voices to vote and make that change."

"I'm feeling really heartbroken and I'm also feeling inspired by the Parkland students who are working to create change," added Maya Corral, a student organizer. "And I think this is the time for students to use their voices, and I don't want this to ever happen again."

Supporters lined up on a nearby sidewalk to cheer the students on.

"This generation needs to step up on a lot of things," retired teacher Jackie Anderson said. "Gun violence is one of them, the environment is another, and to see them doing it is just so exciting and so needed and so welcome."

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