Students find bugs in their school broccoli

Students find bugs in their school broccoli

PASCO, Wash. -- Bugs in your broccoli -- it doesn't sound appetizing at all, but for some Chiawana High School students, that's exactly what they found in their school lunches.

The video above shows some of the bugs in question sent to Action News by a concerned viewer.

School district leaders said when they were notified of the bugs, they inspected all their bags of broccoli and found tiny aphids by looking through a magnifying glass.

Aphids are small bugs that feed by sucking sap from plants.

District leaders said they've tossed out all their broccoli and notified their food vendor, who has apologized.

Kitchen staff also took photos of the aphids.

"We've shared those with all of our kitchen staff members at all of our schools so that they now have an idea of what to look for as they're inspecting and washing the vegetables at all of our other cafeterias,” Shane Edinger said. “Because we want to make sure that, obviously, the food that we're putting out for our kids is safe."

District leaders said there have been no reports of any students getting sick.

The Benton-Franklin Health District inspects Pasco school cafeterias twice a year and Pasco schools have a good, clean track record from their past inspections.

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