Strong Families is helping parents educate their kids and keep them off the streets

Strong families is helping parents educate their kids and keep them off the streets

YAKIMA Wash. -- Families in Yakima are taking parenting classes to help with the recent violence and with educating their kids.

Jennifer Ward has three kids and she says it’s been difficult to raise them because two of them suffer from ADHD and one of them is border line autistic.

“It does take a lot more patience, a lot more sitting down and understanding and listening to him to get on his level and really understand where he’s coming from," said Ward.

She not only has to worry about the disabilities her children have but she says that with the recent violence happening in Yakima she wants to make sure her older son stays on track.

“That’s one of the reasons why I want to learn different ways to communicate with my child, especially my oldest one my 12 year old because he is getting into those stages of dealing with drugs and peer pressure at school," said Ward.

She has been coming to the Strong Families classes for several weeks now and she says it has helped her to understand how to better communicate with her kids and how to raise them.

The Strong Families Program is part of Comprehensive Healthcare and they have recently been awarded a $7500 grant.

Strong Families coordinator Jim Pinnell says this money will help them fund three additional classes in the Yakima Valley.

“Were trying to prevent community violence, we are trying to prevent violence within the home, we are trying to encourage a drug and alcohol free family and were trying to greatly increase a families ability to work in schools and work in their neighborhoods," said Pinnell.

Pinnell says the Strong Families support group teaches families about healthy parenting skills, preventing drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence, child abuse and gang membership.

Ward says she is happy to have found these classes and believes it has helped her to know how to better be a parent and be more involved in her children’s life.

“Our children didn’t come with manuals. Every child is different and we all have struggles. Parenting is hard work, its hard and this just helps you learn different skills and techniques to build a better relationship with your children," said Ward.

For more information on Strong Families and to register click here.

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