University of Oregon student robbed at gunpoint: 'Everyone is scared to go out'

University of Oregon student robbed at gunpoint: 'Everyone is scared to go out'

A University of Oregon student who was robbed at gunpoint on campus says fear has spread among the student body, and many fear walking home at night.

The student is one of three individuals who have been robbed at gunpoint this month on campus, between E 13th and 16th avenues at Hilyard Street. The robberies were reported on March 3, March 8 and March 11.

The victim of the first robbery, Allie McCalley, said she was ambushed.

"I was put in a headlock, he held a gun to my head and asked for cash I didn’t have it," she said. "My parents want me to leave this school at this point because nothing is changing."

The student who was robbed March 8 also spoke with KATU News, but wanted to remain anonymous.

"A random guy came out of the alley, put a gun to the side of my body," the student said. "The whole thing lasted 20 or 15 seconds. I could tell he was on something. It's really scary... this is where I live, this is home. I can't even walk home from the bars."

The student said the suspect took their debit card, cash and driver's license.

"It's making the entire university unsafe," the student said. "Everyone is scared to walk home at night, everyone is scared to go out."

According to an email sent out to University of Oregon students by Police Chief Matt Carmichael, the university has amped up its Safe Ride and Designated Driver Program by increasing service to 7 nights a week, including doubling service Thursday through Saturday nights.

The shuttles are free for students to use for a safe ride home.

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