South Eugene High seeks public input on future of 'Axemen' team name

Wednesday night's Community Forum will invite community members to comment on the possible South Eugene High School mascot name change. (SBG)

EUGENE, Ore. - South Eugene High School is hosting a public forum tonight on the high school's team name, the Axemen.

The community forum is at 7 p.m in the South Eugene High School auditorium.

This comes after concerns over the name, and whether or not the term "Axemen" is inclusive to all athletes and students.

Eugene School District 4J's Kerry Delf says community members are invited to voice their thoughts on the Axemen name, and whether they believe the name should be changed or kept the same.

"There will be a brief amount of time for each person to comment, so that we can hear from as many voices as possible," Delf says.

Delf says there's also an online form where people can share their thoughts and answer questions about the possible change. She says, so far, almost 4,000 people have completed the online form.

The online form will close at midnight on Thursday, after Wednesday night's meeting.

Delf says South Eugene High School Principal Dr. Andy Dey will consider the public's comments and make a recommendation to Superintendent Dr. Gustavo Balderas next week on whether or not the name should be changed.

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