Grant will help boost computer science education in Oregon schools

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LANE COUNTY, Ore. - Some Lane County high school students in career technical education programs will soon benefit from a federal grant to help their transition into the real world.

"81 percent of all students think that they need a bachelors degree or higher," said Kevin Herington, with the 4J School District. "Ultimately the economy says really a third of the jobs required a bachelors degree. "

Lane County will receive $60,000 over three years to help to boost computer science education, capitalizing on the growing local tech industry.

"Basically, they'll be experiences that they can use to transfer directly into a post secondary program," said Herington. "But also it's an opportunity to go directly into an apprenticeship program and then straight into the workforce."

To achieve that goal, the school district enlisted 10 tech companies, including 'SheerID' to serve as advisors to teachers and students... on necessary tech knowledge and skills needed.

"We can find and cultivate talent local talent like right here in Oregon, right here in Eugene to help fill those needs," said Janice Little, the VP of Engineering at SheerID. "And the programs like the one we're talking about here helps to expose more people to technology earlier. "

"It's really about making those skills transferable for wherever they go beyond when they're down with theirs k-12 education," said Herington.

Oregon is one of six states to receive the apprenticeship grant in hopes of a brighter future for students entering the workforce.

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