Graduate students at Oregon rally against GOP plan to tax tuition waivers

A rally against the proposal Wednesday on the University of Oregon campus. (SBG)

EUGENE, Ore. - University of Oregon graduate students rallied Wednesday against a proposal in the GOP tax plan to eliminate the tax exempt status of tuition waivers.

"The House proposal would dramatically increase taxable income for grad workers, undermine the quality and competitiveness of American graduate programs, and make graduate school unaffordable and less accessible to underrepresented communities," according to a statement from the American Federation of Teachers.

At issue are tuition waivers granted to graduate students.

Enrolled graduate students who work as teaching assistants are charged tuition by universites but have the tuition waived as compensation for their work.

The GOP tax plan would subject the value of those waivers to taxes, increasing the tax liability of an estimated 145,000 U.S. graduate students, the AFT said.

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