Boy collapses at Liberty HS, resource officer revives him: 'Let’s open our hearts'

Photo of Quillen Franklin from his family members.jpg

A 14-year-old Liberty High School student is in the hospital after he collapsed and stopped breathing Monday while playing basketball with his friends at lunch.

School resource officer Emory Souza rushed to give the boy CPR and managed to get him breathing again.

According to family, Quillen Franklin was put in a medically-induced coma at Randall's Childrens Hospital. They will take him out of the coma Wednesday evening.

Souza has been a school resource officer at Liberty High for the past decade. He said his training was put to the test on Monday.

“I could tell when I got out there that he had been down for a little while because he was gasping,” said Souza.

Being a former homicide detective, Souza said he knew those gasps meant he didn’t have long.

"We see immediately that he’s not breathing, and I start doing chest compressions on him,” he said. “I yelled ‘we need an AED - get me an AED’ so we get that and put the pads on him, and actually had to shock him once.”

Quillen would have to be shocked three more times before getting to the hospital.

Family said the teen is not out of the woods yet, a reality Officer Souza struggles with.

“I'll tell you that I still get a little choked up. ‘Cause these kids are my kids. And I tell myself every day for the last 10 years, not today, not today, nobody is going to hurt my kids,” said Souza.

His biggest hope is that the community will step and help out this holiday season.

“Whatever our community can do to come together help this young man, help this family, whatever they can do - it’s Thanksgiving. Let’s open our hearts.”

Unfortunately, Quillen and his family do not have health insurance so will be faced with major medical bills. If you would like to help out, they have started an online fundraiser.

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