VIDEO: Children destroy bedroom with paint

Image used with permission from Shannon Whalen Schettini. WPEC.

Paul Schettini had no idea what was about to happen. There were no signs.

A week alone with his two young children was about to come to an end with no major issues.

Mom was due back in town the next day after spending the week in Tampa for a conference.

The kids were in their room playing. Paul could hear them.

"Usually when it's quiet you know something's up," Paul told CBS12.

Suddenly, Paul's 2-year-old son James walks up to him, wearing only a diaper and covered in war paint.

Paul followed a trail of tiny footprints back to his daughter's room where his two kids were playing.


"It took my breath away," Paul said.

His 4-year-old daughter Molly was also covered in paint, and so was her room.

Paul documented the shocking sight and shared video of it on Facebook and with CBS12.

"It was stunning," Paul said. "I left them alone for seven minutes."

Paul immediately called his wife Shannon who happened to be on the other side of Florida eating dinner with colleagues.

"My jaw just dropped," Shannon told CBS12. "My poor husband. He was in shock."

The little ones managed to get into some kid-friendly Melissa and Doug Easel Paint that had been put inside bag on a shelf.

Paul rallied up his neighbors to help bring the situation under control as he hurried his little ones to the bathroom for a series of baths.

Deacon the family dog also got caught up in the mess. He needed a bath as well. Then came the hard part.

"I stared at the room, not knowing where to start," Paul said.

We asked Paul if the artwork looked like a Picasso or Van Gogh. He described it more as Sydney Pollack. Splashes of paint everywhere.

The mess is mostly gone now.

Shannon says her husband is a rock star for staying calm and handling the situation with patience.

And like many siblings, Molly pointed the finger at her younger brother.

But Paul said the evidence painted a different story.

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