Utah heroine rescues duckling stuck in pipe

The trapped duckling reunited with its mother after Anderson rescued it from the pipe. (Photo: Gina Anderson)

(KUTV) -- One Utah woman became an unlikely heroine for one not-so-ugly duckling.

Gina Anderson was wandering around her apartment complex until she began hearing small cries coming out from a nearby pipe.

At first, she thought the cries for help were from a duckling, since there was a few that were stuck in the pool area the month before. Anderson first looked around the pool, noticing maintenance working in the area. She thought that they must have taken care of the duck, until she heard the cheeps again coming from a nearby pipe.

"I looked in the pipe and sure enough [there he was]," Anderson said.

The duckling was stuck at the bottom of the narrow pipe, trapping the animal. The pipe was so narrow that Anderson said she couldn't get her arm through. She had to do something quick.

"I can't just ignore [the duckling]," Anderson said. "What kind of person does that?"

Anderson first called her apartment's staff to help but her request was dismissed because it wasn't urgent. After trying animal control, the police and fire department, Anderson decided to take action herself.

"No one helped, so I and two other women took things into our own hands," Anderson said.

Anderson said the rescue wasn't something simple like reaching down and pulling the duckling out.

So, with the help of her friend and a neighbor, Anderson created a rescue net-like contraption out of a grocery bag to grab the trapped duckling.

During the first attempt, Anderson managed to lure the duckling into the bag with some food; however, the yarn attached to the bag snagged on something inside the pipe, dropping the duckling and restarting the process. After two more attempts and 48 hours of dedication, Anderson managed to pull out the duckling from the bottom of the pipe.

After he was freed, the duckling heard his mother nearby and ran to her, happily concluding the rescue mission.

Anderson said that although some laughed at her, and disregarded her pleas for help, that she's glad the duck is safe and sound.

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