The top baby names of 2016

And the top baby names of 2016 are... (MGN Online)

Sophia continues her reign as the top baby girl name of 2016, while Jackson comes in strong to lead off boys' names, according to a number of baby-name tracking sites. lists the top 100 based on a massive database of names, which takes into account combined spellings.

But more interesting than the list itself is the inspiration for names on the list that saw huge spikes in 2016.

This year, horror movies and TV shows, the STEM field, superheroes (or anti-heroes, really), and the presidential election contributed to naming the youngest members of our society.

FX's "American Horror Story" series, for example, accounted for increases in "Iris," "Donovan," "Tristan" and "Lee," among others. Netflix's sci-fi thriller "Stranger Things" added more "Nancy," "Dustin," "Lucas" and "Joyce" babies to the world. While "The Walking Dead" is being credited with a 12-percent rise in the name "Walker," another name for zombies.

Unsurprisingly, the name "Hillary" saw a massive 64-percent increase over 2016 - thanks in large part to Democratic presidential nominee Clinton. The name "Donald" only rose 5 percent, although President-elect Trump's elder daughter Ivanka saw gains of 39 percent.

Margot Robbie's anti-hero Harley Quinn, of Warner Bros.' "Suicide Squad" film, influenced the name "Harley" (35-percent jump), Harleen (13 percent) and Quinn (5 percent). For boys, "Banner," after the Incredible Hulk's Bruce Banner alter-ego, rose 48 percent. expects 2017 to be dominated by "Ultimate Power Names," like "Thor," "Persephone," or "Odin."

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