Texas woman wakes up to yard decorated with Christmas lights

    Texas woman wakes up to yard decorated with Christmas lights. (WOAI)

    SAN ANTONIO (WOAI) - One family in Stone Oak woke up to a Christmas surprise on Wednesday.

    “My head was spinning,” said Eli Mackel. “I really want to know who did this for us.”

    We normally hear reports of people stealing Christmas decorations from outside homes, but on Wednesday the opposite occurred.

    “Just something you don't expect -- to have your house decorated for Christmas,” said Mackel.

    When Mackel went to sleep Tuesday night, her home only had decorations on the inside. However, when she woke up on Wednesday, a combination of lights, bows and candy canes filled her front yard.

    “They have extensions. They have surge protectors. It's all brand new!” Mackel said. “This is so random and mysteriously beautiful. But scary at the same time. I don't know what to think.”

    Mackel says her family didn’t hear any sounds throughout the night, which only adds to the mystery.

    “This is the opposite of the Grinch,” said Mackel. “Somebody has their holiday spirit very high. That person is on my team because I also have my holiday spirit very high.”

    Mackel says she still isn’t sure who decorated her yard, but she really appreciates the festive surprise.

    “Here in Champion Springs, we have elves,” said Mackel. “Good ones, with good taste.”

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